Fundraising bike ride

Historic moment – Cassel

This month marks the 81st anniversary of the retreat to Dunkirk in the early stages of WW2. The 2nd Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment, alongside the 4th Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry were ordered to hold the hilltop town of Cassel in Northern France for three days as part of the defensive screen around Dunkirk. When the order to withdraw was finally issued, the town was already surrounded.

Out of the 164 ‘Glorious Glosters’ defending Cassel,128 were killed or wounded and 36 were captured. Their sacrifice was not in vain, however, as their brave rearguard action bought precious time for the evacuation of the beaches.

We will remember them as we set off on our fundraising bike ride around Gloucester.



Support your Glosters…


Thinus Delport, former South African International & ex Gloucester player and his friends are cycling to honour the ‘Glosters’ on this 25 mile fundraising ride.

Join us and help raise vital funds to support our charitable work with veterans.

Entrance fee = £25
Fundraising target = £100

Limited spaces available so get in touch soon.

If you would like to support the Rugby for Heroes team, you can donate here 

Ashley Heath, New Forest