Course attendee Shaun shares his own mental health struggles

Over the years we have come to recognise that many of our Transition Through Rugby course attendees struggle with their mental health and we believe that rugby can be an effective tool to address such problems.
Shaun Jefferies served with 4 Rifles and completed tours in Iraq and Afghanistan before leaving the Army in 2014. He loved his ten years in the military, particularly the structure and grounding it gave him, but after the loss of his older brother in November 2010, Shaun found himself struggling with his mental health. Recognising he had a problem, he sought help from many different avenues but found that rugby was the most effective outlet.

As a charity, we are always looking to grow and improve the support we are able to offer those who attend our Transition Through Rugby course. We recognise the importance of providing mental health support specific to the needs of our servicemen and women and rugby is the foundation for this.

Our Transition Through Rugby course brings together like-minded people in a safe and supportive environment. The camaraderie experienced on the rugby pitch is brought to the course and we have a network of specialists on hand to support the charity and its course attendees as required.