Lee Cole

Lee first joined the Army in 1995 as an aviation engineer and as a young soldier learnt his trade in the likes of Bosnia, Belize and Canada as well as being stationed in Germany & Cyprus. Later on his career he would see active service with multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan before his retirement retiring from the services. After his retirement, Lee channelled his energy and enthusiasm into assisting others by getting involved with Rugby for Heroes and the Blind Veterans UK charity.

Lee’s involvement with Rugby for Heroes started back in 2015. The Charity had just started to run its Transition Through Rugby courses to assist veterans and service leavers with their transition back into Civvy Street and Lee was one of the first candidates to apply and graduate through the course. Lee’s passion for helping others was borne out by his instant desire to become more involved in the work undertaken by the Charity and very quickly he became a stalwart of the Rugby for Heroes family by taking a hands-on role in coordinating the Transition Through Rugby courses, helping to organise fundraising events and undertaking various challenges in support of our Veterans.

On many occasions Lee would also put his body on the line once again by dusting off his boots and taking to the rugby field to take part in various charity matches in support of Rugby for Heroes. He was always easy to spot as he was more tape than man and was a more akin to Tutankhamun on the pitch than Jonny Wilkinson with handling and kicking abilities to match!

Lee had an infectious personality and a real impact on everyone he met. He is greatly missed by the whole Rugby for Heroes family as well as everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him but his legacy will continue to live on in the work that the Charity undertakes and his contribution will never be forgotten.

Soldier, tutor, team player, friend!  Rugby for Heroes truly appreciated your support – thank you.