Andy McWilliams

Course Veterans

Cpl – Royal Marines. 

For me this was an opportunity to gain my qualification to help coach an older age group at Worcester RFC. I didn’t want to go down the community route but through RFH. I can honestly say I 100% made the right decision. To be back around military personnel both serving and vets has given me a new lease of life. All the staff have been outstanding and the course members like a new family. To share my experiences both good and bad, and to listen to other members who have and are going through personal issues was immense. The course was very well structured which gave us time to learn, instruct and bond as a group. Networking with other members and staff has already had an input in how my business will move forward. To all staff, members and Longlevens Rugby Club I can’t thank you enough. 👏👏👏

Jone Vatu

Jone Vatu

SSgt - 6AAC.  Coming on this course was really beneficial and valuable. It was filled with a...