Update – April 2014

Diet going well, just another 13kg to lose to hit my 30kg target – it’s been a tough road, much harder than I thought but the family and friends have commented on how much better I look for all the effort and I feel better within myself. This gives me the encouragement to press on. Another update after the 5 month challenge is completed.

Our head of fundraising, Alan Lamb, is starting the new year with a personal goal of attempting to lose 30kg over the next five months! It seems Alan attended a few too many menu rugby dinners last year and as a result has become a little too rotund for Mrs Lamb’s liking.

Al is using the challenge as an opportunity to raise money for R4H and hopes it might encourage others to do the same.

“New Year’s resolutions and tough goals often slip by the way-side after a short time. I’m hoping that undertaking a challenge such as this for charity will be a great way to stay motivated” says Alan.

Losing almost a stone a month is no mean feat and Alan is looking for sponsors to help him raise money and achieve his goal.

You can support Alan and Rugby for Heroes via his Just Giving page… 

We will be keeping a track of his progress and keeping you updated!