Poppy – fundraiser

“Trying to describe how you feel before running your first ever half marathon, especially if your pretty unfit like myself, is a pretty bloody scary thing- even worse than an injection! I can’t say if everyone feels like this but I wanted to hide in one of the wheelie bins and not have to start…. But what drove me to actually start, and complete it, was the thought of letting people down most predominantly my sister, Camilla- who also ran it for Rugby for Heroes with me, and one hell of a lot faster too!- but the thought of letting down Rugby for Heroes and everyone who had donated for us to go through 13.1 miles of pure hell!

Once out on the course all that fear diminished, and even though I was a straggler at the back, the fear of being picked up by a road sweeper kept me going… It was amazing to have the support of people around the course cheering you on meant you were propelled forward, even coming towards the dreaded 12 mile marker it was such a boost to know that you were nearly ‘home’! After much gentle swearing at the person who signed me up as I crossed the finishing line it felt like a massive weight had been lifted, if I hadn’t have been raising money for Rugby for Heroes I would’ve probably given up!


13.1 miles, and the pure hurt that followed at mile 8/ 9 and for a week afterwards is such a small price to pay for helping an amazing charity and the service personnel who make this country what it is. The pain I felt surely is nothing compares with what these amazing men and women go through every single day, injured or not.

So surely pulling on a pair of trainers and pounding the streets or jumping out of a plane and facing YOUR fears is a small way of saying ‘Thank You’ to these truly inspiring people and giving them a helping hand back into civilian life? Same time next year R4H, 13.1 miles I’m coming for you!”


We at Rugby for Heroes would just like to add our sincere thanks to Poppy for an outstanding effort in our of our charity, we really do appreciate everyones help.

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