Nick Fitt – Success Story

Name: Nick Fitt
Age: 51
Former regiment: 3rd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment (The Pompadours)
Position: Full Back, Wing
Favourite Teams: HH (Camelot) RUFC, Hurricanes, England
Currently coaching: HH Camelot RUFC 3rds and Herts County U17/U18 Boys Team Manager

Why Transition Through Rugby?

I left the Army a long time ago, too long perhaps. I served with my Bn in the UK and Germany and various short tours. In those days of the Cold War, a lot of time was spent by the British Army sat in Germany waiting for the Russians to attack and/or drinking beer. After 6 years, I finally got bored of sitting one side of a fence, the Russians got bored sitting the other and further, I could drink no more! I left the Army and all that goes with it good and bad. A few years later, the Cold War ended and, sadly, my Battalion was then disbanded.

For many years, I lost touch, until I discovered the Regt Rugby day. When each year we play a local team in a different town around the regions we draw from. We remember the fallen, and through rugby, show the communities that we visit their County Regt. Through this I met old mates who I had not seen yet alone played with for many, many years and, one of whom knew ‘Lamby’ & of R4H…

During the ‘Afghan years’, I experienced a sense of shame at not being there. I felt I was letting the Regt. down. I decided to do something constructive and so I joined SSAFA as a volunteer caseworker. Cutting a long story short, as a result of Regt Rugby Day, a casual chat about SSAFA with an old mate and a mate of lamby’s, I discovered R4H, applied and was amazingly accepted on to the June 2017 course…

Thinus Delport and Me 🙂

My thoughts of the Transition Through Rugby (TTR) Course

I cannot imagine ever again doing any one course that will have such a positive and profound effect on me. To be back among soldiers, to meet new people and to learn new skills is always something special. TTR, as a course, blew me away by any comparison. The location, the coach education, the people are in a class of their own. The course also had an immediate positive effect on my rugby life too, I took over coaching of the 3rd team at my local club and, following the TTR Coach Educators comments, threw my hat into the ring with Herts County Rugby. I am delighted to be involved with the U17/18 program as the Team Manager and Assistant Coach. I am looking after up to 80 exceptionally talented lads and also sitting on a team of 4 ‘full-time’ coaches and many volunteer coaches. I am learning about the various pathways in Divisional and England County rugby, a new side to the game for me as well as furthering my coaching skills and experience and meeting many new people within the sport too. This simply would not have happened without R4H and the Transition Through Rugby Course…

Having the excitement of meeting many ex-professional rugby players enriched both the course and the experience to make it very special at every level. The social evening brought another aspect to the teamwork aspect of the course as all attendees pull together to deliver a ‘celebrity style’ auction and have a few beers. Bellyaching laughs come along continuously. If you have the chance to go on a TTR course, grab it with both hands, and get involved and, it will bring you so much more than a qualification, guaranteed.


R4H opened new doors to me, introduced new faces to me and has set me on a very positive trajectory within the sport. I still play Vets rugby, I will always support my Regt Rugby day. As a result of the TTR course, ongoing support & levels of camaraderie R4H has been able to provide, I do so with a bounce in my step. I cannot support, thank nor assist R4H enough for what they do for current and ex-servicemen and women.