Rugby For Heroes – More Than Just A Training Course

Rugby for Heroes runs transition courses helping service personnel leaving the military to find their feet on civilian street.

The week-long course provides them with an RFU coaching qualification which is recognised by rugby clubs throughout the UK, and less tangible benefits as well.

The charity’s support gives them support through the change from military to civilian life and all the course attendees automatically become part of the Rugby for Heroes family.

It means they’ll have a network of support from people with similar interests for the rest of their lives.

Passing from military to civilian life

The motto “Transition Through Rugby” is more than an empty aspiration.

The mix of people involved includes ex-service people who’ve been through the experience of leaving their lives in the armed forces, and there are also ex-professional rugby players who bring their sporting skills and experience to the course.

Classroom sessions build rugby knowledge

There’s plenty of action on the field to help hone rugby skills, and learn how to pass on those skills to other aspiring players.

There are also the inevitable classroom sessions to master all the knowledge and background that go with being a coach, amateur or professional.

The charity has been running for two years now and has helped scores of rugby fans turn their enthusiasm into a useful asset as their lives enter a new phase.